How To Fix Vape Not Turning On Fault !

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If you’re a heavy vapor and your vape is not working, no matter what you do, don’t purchase a pack of cigarettes. Today, this guide will help you get the vape pen fixed in no time. Many different factors can cause a vape not turning on, sometimes this can happen due to a user error. In most cases, the vape pen will be working again with our unique troubleshooting guide.

The first thing that you need to establish if the vape is getting a charge. If it’s not, then the battery will not provide any power to switch on the vape pen. Start with the very basics, try a different USB cable, as sometimes they can become faulty due to bending from daily use. Try also a different USB charger and try a different wall socket. If you’re getting the charging indicator appears on the screen of the vape, then the vape device is charging. Leave it for a couple of minutes to charge then unplug to test to see if the vape now works.  If the vape is still not turning on, then move onto the next step.

The battery may not be seated correctly. Remove the battery cover from your vape and remove the 18650 vape battery. Give the metal contacts a clean using a dry tissue of some kind and reinsert the battery. Replug back into the charge to test and see if the device now powers on. The battery may also become fault, so if you have another battery to test or another vape mod to test it in, this would help you troubleshoot the vape not working problem further.

The charging port on the vape mod could also be potentially faulty. This can happen due to long term use, which is normal after a couple of years. If this is the case, the vape mod will not get any power to charge up the internal battery. You could purchase an external charger to see if the battery charges at all and if your vape mod powers on. You should be using an external charger anyway to provide maximum battery capacity and is certainly a good vaping accessory to own. If you have identified that the charging port on the vape pen is the cause of the problem, there is not much you can do other than replace the mod.

If your vape pen is powering on but it’s not firing up, then remove the tank and clean the 510 connector. Sometimes, old ejuice can make its way onto the metal connectors cause bad contact and firing problems. Also, if your vape is not working after a coil change, then the coil may not be fully tightened into the base or not seated correctly. Unfortunately, you will need to take the vape tank apart to check this. There is a possibility that the coil is shorted from leakage, remove the vape coil, and clean the metal part at the bottom and reinsert it. Also, if none of the above work, then remove the old vape coil and try a new one, as the one you are using could be faulty.

These are all the top tips popular vape shops use to provide technical support to their vaping customers regularly. I hope this article has allowed you to fix your vape not turning on the problem. If you have any further suggestions kindly please let us know.