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Dry hits are hard to avoid and can happen unexpectedly. Dry hits are harsh and taste like burnt plastic in your mouth. Are dry bits bad for you? Yes, they are if you don’t act upon it. Dry hits are a result of burnt cotton around the vape coil. Instead of the ejuice vaporizing, the cotton is instead being heated up and the fumes are going into your lungs. If you take a few accidental hits on your vape with a burnt coil in, then you should be fine in most cases. It’s when you keep vaping on a dry hit coil that may causes problems because you are not inhaling vapor, you are inhaling toxins from the vape pen.

Dry hits can occur for many reasons. Priming the coil is essential before using your vape coil for the first time. This is because you want the cotton to soak up the ejuice before use. If this process doesn’t happen, then cotton will be dry, and you will experience dry hits on your vape. Once you have dry hit a vape coil, the burnt taste will always be there and won’t go away, even if you attempt to clean the coil. The only solution would be to change the burnt-out coil for a brand new replacement vape coil.

Follow our priming a brand new coil for the first time steps below:

1) Pour five drops onto the white cotton placed around the center part of the vape coil.

2) There are also wicking holes that are placed around the vape coil. Place three drops of eliquid into each one and do the same for all of them that are placed around the vape coil.

3) Once you have reassembled the vape tank, fill up the glass to the maximum fill level and leave the vape upright for a minimum of 10 minutes. This will provide enough time for the vape juice to reach the cotton inside the coil to provide the best possible level of maximum saturation.

If you have followed the above steps correctly, then you will no longer experience dry burnt hits on your vape pen.

….Also if you vape above the recommended max wattage range of the vape coil you are using, this can cause the coil to burn out. This is because you are pushing it beyond its mechanical limits that the factory has tested it at.

Continuous vaping when there is hardly any ejuice left at the bottom of the vape tank can also cause problems. This is because there will not be enough vape juice to reach the coil promptly if you are chain vaping. Always keep a spare 10 ml ejuice bottle on you, so that when the vape tank fill level reaches below 20% you can always fill it up.

If you have done all the above and you’re still experiencing dry hits on your vape coil, then what you will need to do is try a different coil. The coils you are using may be a bad batch, or they could be fakes. Try a different supplier and see what happens. There was a point where I mistakenly purchased fake vape coils in two packs of five on eBay, when they said they were original, but after some research they were very good fakes. Fake coils provide dry hits due to their poor build quality and limited cotton that is placed inside the coil. Always purchase vaping products from reputable online or in-store retailers.