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Some people say that vaping is far more expensive than smoking and this is a fact for some but not for everybody. Vaping for some is considered their hobby and can cause hundreds of pounds a month if you are always purchasing different tanks and box mods that you don’t need. If you keep the same vaping stuff you purchased from day one at and its working fine, then you won’t be spending endless money. Don’t let the cost put you off vaping if you are a heavy smoker. Even if it costs a little more than regular smoking, you will be improving your health, which in my opinion is far more important. Now if you want to know how to vape on a cheap budget, then today we will provide you all the answers.

Purchase the correct vaping device the first time. Many people don’t do their research and just pick up anything that is for sale and realize later, they would have wanted something different. Therefore, it is essential to do your research beforehand to ensure that you purchase the correct vaping product. If you keep purchase vaping devices, then your old ones will not get any use, which means you have wasted your money previously. When purchasing a starter kit, generally they provide the same features, the main difference is they are just provided different brands if they look in the same price range. Always check reviews to see what the best is out there that is cheap.

Make your own coils. Replacement coils can be expensive if you are a heavy vapor. Sometimes you also get a bad coil in the pack of five coils. If you purchase a vape tank that is compatible with building your coils then you will save loads of money in the long term. All you need to the coil wire, cotton, and some vaping tools to build and replace your very own coils. This is very easy to do once you get the hang of it. There are plenty of tutorials that are available on YouTube if you do a quick search on how to build your vaping coils.

Turn down the watts. The more watts you set your vaping device at, the more eliquid it will consume, and more quickly it’s going to burn out vape coils. Vaping at 100 watts sometimes is unnecessary unless you want to blow huge clouds and want a bit of fun. However, for most days, vaping around 40 to 60 watts is more than enough. Also, if you use higher nicotine e-liquid, it will prevent you from vaping at higher watts due to the more throat hit you will get it.

Switch over to a vape pod. Vape pods are smaller and more efficient devices. They are cheaper to run. They take less ejuice, cost less to purchase, and the coils last much longer due to vape pods running on very low wattage. You can use nicotine salt based eliquid and you will get the best vaping experience money can purchase. They are also great if you want to stealth vape.

Make your ejuice. It’s not as hard as you think to make your own ejuice. All you need is the ingredients such as diluted nicotine and PG or VG. Then you will need to purchase some flavor of your choice. Once you have mixed everything to the perfect ratio, you will be making 100 ml ejuice cheaply. If making your ejuice interests you, then certainly do your research on this topic before purchasing anything or attempting it.

I hope my top tips on how to vape on a cheap budget has helped you. If you have any questions or anything to suggest adding my article, then feel free to contact me.