How To Add Nicotine Shot To Vape Juice

Many e-liquid vendors provide you with the option to add your nicotine shot to separate vape juice to give you the flexibility on how much nicotine you want to add. This also gives you the option to vape zero nicotine ejuice if you prefer. Adding the nicotine shot to your favourite ejuice is straight forward, it is adding the right quantity that counts. It’s easy to add too much to ruin the taste of your vape juice and it is also easy to add to little, preventing you getting your nicotine fix. In general, an 18 MG 10ml nicotine shot added to a 50ml of nicotine-free ejuice will provide 3 MG of nicotine. However, if you add an 18 MG 20ml nicotine shot bottle to 50 ml ejuice, that will bring the nicotine strength to 6 MG and will bring the total to 70ml of overall vape juice. Experiment with different strengths and amounts to find the sweet spot, as everybody has different preferences the only way to find out is to see what works best for you.

Nicotine shots usually come in small 10ml bottles and come in different strengths. The most popular being 18 MG. Generally, all nicotine shots are the same and don’t add any flavour enhancements to any ejuice that you add it with. Once you have your nicotine shot to add to your favourite vape juice, follow the provided instructions below.


1) You need to ensure that the eliquid bottle that you are using is a short fill design, in most cases, it will be. You will need to consider if there is enough space to add 10 ml of ejuice into it.

2) You will need to remove the plastic nozzle that’s stuck onto the top of the eliquid bottle. This can’t be done by your hand and you will need to use some pliers to pull it off. Do the same for the nicotine shot as well, as it will be easier to transfer the nicotine into the juice bottle.

3) Once you have done that, begin to pour the nicotine shot into the eliquid bottle. Make sure you do it gently with care and at first, don’t squeeze the nicotine shot bottle. You don’t want to overflow the nicotine shot, make sure you fill it up with a steady pace and when you reach to the end, you can go ahead and squeeze the nicotine shot bottle to add every drop.

4) Once you have added the nicotine shot to your vape juice, shake the bottle firmly upwards and downwards to mix evenly inside for a couple of seconds, followed by letting it sit for 5 minutes. This will provide an even distribution of vape juice and the nicotine shot for the best possible flavour.